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    Feel bad?

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  • Eh? What's that you say?

    Eh? What's that you say?

    You can hear better, today. Find out what’s really affecting your hearing.

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  • Stop enduring chronic sinusitis.

    Stop enduring chronic sinusitis.

    Relieve your sinus pain with balloon sinuplasty, a safe and minimally invasive sinus procedure.

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Get relief from what ails you.

Whether you’re dealing with hearing loss, painful sinus symptoms, headaches, loss of sleep, snoring and more, Ashland ENT is North Central Ohio’s choice for addressing all of your ear, nose, and throat concerns.


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You don’t need a referral to be seen by us. We can get you in to see an ENT within one week. (Check with your insurance provider to confirm they don't require a referral.)

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Get help.

Following your consultation, we’ll provide you with a treatment plan. If necessary, a second appointment will be scheduled for an in-office procedure.

Make an Appointment | Ashland ENT, Ashland, Ohio
Get better.

Depending on your treatment plan, we may schedule a follow-up to make sure that you’re feeling better.


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Ears & Hearing

Maybe you're concerned about your child's hearing, or maybe you're hearing isn't as sharp as it used to be. Find answers and start feeling better. 

Ear and Hearing Services

Nose & Sinus

There may be more to that common cold you're experiencing than you think. Chronic sinus pain affects thousands of people every day. Don't let yourself be one of them.

Nose and Sinus Services

Throat & Neck Health

Sore throats happen from time to time, but when they occur more often than not it's important to see a doctor. Make an appointment today.

Throat and Neck Services


Allergies are a pain. They clog up sinuses and leave you feeling awful. We help create a plan that gets you back to feeling 100% in no time. 

Allergy Services and Treatment

Healthy Habits for Allergic Kids in Cold and Flu Season

Healthy Habits for Allergic Kids in Cold and Flu Season

Winter colds, flus, and illnesses can exacerbate your child’s allergies. Here’s how you can prevent illnesses and manage their symptoms if they do get sick.

Read More
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